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German telc Certificate Exam Location Bern

Please note that the places are limited per level. The tests take place on Saturdays.  Please bring a valid ID to the test. The Registration deadline is 5 weeks before the exam date. You will receive the results in 6 to 8 weeks.

Dates 2020

  • 23rd May 2020 (registration deadline 11th April 2020)
  • 04th July 2020 (registration deadline 23rd May 2020)
  • 15th August 2020 (registration deadline 04th July 2020)
  • 19th September 2020 (registration deadline 08th August 2020)
  • 31st October 2020 (registration deadline 19th September 2020)
  • 28th November 2020 (registration deadline 10th October 2020)
  • 12th December 2020 (registration deadline 31st October 2020)

It’s possible to cancel before the deadline without any additional costs 5 weeks prior to the exam date. After the registration deadline an administrative fee of 100 CHF has to be paid. In case of absence the whole fee will be charged. Changes have to be submitted in written form.