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German telc Certificate
Exam Location Zurich

The tests take place during two days. The speaking test takes place on Fridays and the written test takes place on Saturdays.

Dates 2019

  • 16th and 17th August 2019 (registration deadline: 07th July 2019)
  • 30th and 31th August 2019 (registration deadline: 24th July 2019)
  • 06th and 07th September 2019 (registration deadline: 24th July 2019)
  • 20th and 21th September 2019 (registration deadline: 15th August 2019)
  • 04th and 05th October 2019 (registration deadline: 25th August 2019)
  • 25th and 26th October 2019 (registration deadline: 15th September 2019)
  • 08th and 09th November 2019 (registration deadline: 29th September 2019)
  • 22nd and 23rd November 2019 (registration deadline: 20th October 2019)
  • 06th and 07th December 2019 (registration deadline: 27th October 2019)
  • 20th and 21th December 2019 (registration deadline: 10th November 2019)

It’s possible to cancel before the deadline without any additional costs 5 weeks prior to the exam date. After the registration deadline an administrative fee of 100 CHF has to be paid. In case of absence the whole fee will be charged. Changes have to be submitted in written form.