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telc Certificate

As a licensed exam center we are able to prepare you for all telc certificate exams. You can take them here at academia integration from A1 up to telc C1 (C1 and C1 Hochschule) level. The exams can be taken in Zurich at Löwenstrasse 51 and in Bern at Effingerstrasse 15.


The telc Certificates are recognized in Europe by companies, universities, schools and also by the migration department.

Exam prices:

  • telc German A1: CHF 160.–
  • telc German A2: CHF 185.–
  • telc German B1: CHF 280.–
  • telc German B2: CHF 330.–
  • telc German C1 (Format 2016): CHF 370.–
  • telc German C1 Hochschule: CHF 370.–


Please note that the places are limited per level. Please bring a valid ID on your exam day. The deadline for registration is 5 weeks before the exam date. You will receive the results in 6 to 8 weeks.

It’s possible to cancel before the deadline without any additional costs 5 weeks prior to the exam date. After the registration deadline an administrative fee of 100 CHF has to be paid. In case of absence the whole fee will be charged. Changes have to be submitted in written form.

Dates & Registration
Exam Location ZURICH

Dates & Registration
Exam Location BERN