>Our strength – professional German courses

Our strength – professional German courses

“Where would you like to go?”
Language courses with professional or industry focus

From the tourism sector, through sales to public security, the largest part of the population in Switzerland is working in the service sector.

Every profession has its own rules, procedures and often also quirks, language also differs from one profession to another. In our job-specific courses, you acquire the language skills and specific vocabulary you need in your job.

In the following special courses they will learn the specific
vocabulary and the necessary forms of treatment:

  • German for taxi drivers
  • German for hotel staff
  • German for gastronomy staff
  • German for people in nursing care
  • German for medical professionals
  • German for people in the cleaning industry
  • German in construction
  • German for sales
  • German for the police school entrance exam

You study in small groups and with specific learning medias designed by allegra. Highly qualified teachers will train you to ensure you are prepared for all challenges in your workplace the best possible way!

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