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Conversation course

Mastering a foreign language means speaking in this language as much as possible. Our conversation courses, therefore, offer you the possibility to apply your acquired knowledge on a regular basis. In this way, pronunciation, vocabulary and grammar can be immediately practiced while having a conversation.

It is always possible to enroll in our conversation courses. There is no starting date for the course. In small groups, everyday themes, such as family, work life, travel, society, etc. are discussed.

At the moment we offer two types of conversation courses:

Conversation course English

  • Once a week; 60 minutes
  • The course consists mainly of conversation but refreshes grammar and vocabulary when needed
  • Basic knowledge of language needed (min B1)
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Lunchtime conversation: Spanish, English, French

  • Spend 60 meaningful minutes conversing in a foreign language once a week
  • Basic knowledge of language needed: (min B1 – Spanish and French OR C1 – English)
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