Computer Course

academia integration offers computer courses which prepare you for the ECDL Base certificate. The courses teach basic fundamental computer skills, such as how to use Word or Excel and are suitable for people with little to no computer knowledge at all.

Typing Skills

If you wish to type faster and with confidence, then mastery of the 10-finger system is what you need. The 10-finger system is taught by competent teachers, guiding participants in systematic practice of the system and helping them to improve their typing speed.

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PC Beginners course

In this course participants who have no or very little knowledge of computers are given the opportunity to learn how to use basic computer programs. In Word, the participants learn how to create and save a document, make a folder, as well as how to get around the internet. Participants will learn how to write emails, use search engines and recreational programs in order to listen to music and watch films.

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ECDL Basis course (European-Computer-Driver- License)

The ECDL certificate is a European accredited certificate which certifies graduates their computer knowledge. Our course prepares you for an ECDL-Base-Exam. No previous knowledge of computer usage is required. In 4 Modules (basic computer skills, internet skills, text development and processing in Word, and use of Excel spreadsheet calculator) you will obtain valuable knowledge for confident and efficient computer usage.

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