Having knowledge of different languages can help in opening many doors and make the change into a new field a lot easier. With our courses, you not only benefit from learning a new language, but also from small insights into our cultural values and customs.

German Intensive Courses

Taking a German course with us means working daily on improving your oral and written knowledge of German. Small groups assures that teachers have enough time to individually cater for their students’ needs. Knowing that communicating in German as fast as possible is the goal, our courses try to set the most focus on the oral usage of the language. Lessons are daily from either 8:30 to 12:15 or from 11:30 to 15:15.

All of our courses include an internal academia integration exam. We also offer official telc examinations.

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German Elementary Course

In this course simple scenarios of everyday life will be worked on and role-played. You will be taught strategies for improving reading and writing competence. The elementary course carefully guides beginners who are not used to formal learning patterns but know the Latin-alphabet. They are guided to improve their usage of the German language. The students continue to work on their communicative and written skills which they have already learned in the alphabetization course. Consequently, the participants get their first glimpse of themes, vocabulary, idiomatic expressions and structures for A1.

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German Semi-Intensive Courses

  • Afternoon courses
  • Evening courses
  • Saturday courses

Module Based Integration Courses for Teenagers and Young Adults

The module based integration course for children and teenagers has been developed for young people who do not yet know the German language and would like to integrate themselves into the Swiss culture.

Along with language and cultural integration courses you can take modules in mathematics and computer usage.

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Intensive course for professional integration

This preparation course for professional integration helps participants improve their skills in German and basic mathematics and offers support and guidance in the application process.

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