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Children and Teenagers

Integration into daily life in Switzerland will become easier for children and teenagers depending on how well they are guided into the culture from the beginning.

Integration into the Swiss school system for 
children and young people (children required to attend school)


This integration programme recognised by the Department of Education of the Canton of Zurich aims to prepare non-native children and young people for entering the Swiss school system. Many school communities entrust their immigrant children to academia integration, greatly improving the children’s chances of a quick integration into the school system.

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Module Based Integration Courses for Teenagers and Young Adults

The module based integration course for children and teenagers has been developed for young people who do not yet know the German language and would like to integrate themselves into the Swiss culture.

Along with language and cultural integration courses you can take modules in mathematics and computer usage.

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Intensive course for professional integration

This preparation course for professional integration helps participants improve their skills in German and basic mathematics and offers support and guidance in the application process.

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Computer Course

academia integration offers computer courses which prepare you for the ECDL Base certificate. The courses teach basic fundamental computer skills, such as how to use Word or Excel and are suitable for people with little to no computer knowledge at all.

PC Beginners course (Find more information here)
ECDL Basis course (Find more information here)
Typing Skills (Find more information here)

Basic Skills

These courses are meant for adults who would like to improve their writing and reading competence. In our mathematic course you can learn basic math skills such as how to make simple calculations, or measurements.

Alphabetization (Find more information here)
Reading and Writing for Adults (Find more information here)
Mathematics for Adults (Find more information here)

Additional foreign language classes

Additional foreign language classes are a service to complement the integration classes for children and young people. Children and young people can choose to either study French or English on one afternoon a week.

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Transfer preparation course

The Transfer preparation course prepares non-native pupils for transferring into public secondary school or public high schools.

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