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Basic Skills

These courses are meant for adults who would like to improve their writing and reading competence. In our mathematic course you can learn basic math skills such as how to make simple calculations, or measurements.

Mathematics for Adults

Not every adult is able to carry out basic mathematic operations without hesitation. The “rule of the three” or equations cause difficulties for many. In everyday business life mathematics may be considered essential. In small groups, you will be able to brush up your mathematical skills and learn how to make standard calculations for daily mathematics.

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Reading and Writing for Adults

In today’s society, we are confronted with regularly having to show our literacy competence. However, stable usage of reading and writing is sometimes taken for granted amongst adults. We offer to adults, who have trouble with these skills, the opportunity to learn how to read and write in small groups. Through exercises based on writing skills, participants work on improving their writing skills in order to gain more confidence in the written language.

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Functioning in a society in which correspondence is the standard means of communication will become a problem if reading and writing isn’t up to par. Our teachers, who are aware of the fact that it needs a lot of courage to admit illiteracy as an adult, will guide participants patiently and carefully up to standardized reading and writing levels.

academia integration offers alphabetization courses for students with German as a Mother-tongue, as well as alphabetization courses for immigrants who have not yet acquired knowledge of the written language. Our course is also geared to participants who know the written script of their own Mother-tongue but not the Latin-based script.

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PC Beginners course

In this course participants who have no or very little knowledge of computers are given the opportunity to learn how to use basic computer programs. In Word, the participants learn how to create and save a document, make a folder, as well as how to get around the internet. Participants will learn how to write emails, use search engines and recreational programs in order to listen to music and watch films.

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ECDL Basis course (European-Computer-Driver- License)

The ECDL certificate is a European accredited certificate which certifies graduates their computer knowledge. Our course prepares you for an ECDL-Base-Exam. No previous knowledge of computer usage is required. In 4 Modules (basic computer skills, internet skills, text development and processing in Word, and use of Excel spreadsheet calculator) you will obtain valuable knowledge for confident and efficient computer usage.

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