Having some good luck will certainly help you to get a new job, but much more important is using the right searching techniques as well as careful preparation. A clear job search strategy, appealing recommendations and qualifications, along with a convincing presence will certainly help you reach your goal faster.

The goal of our course is to set you on your professional career path. We, therefore, also assist you in carrying out a successful job search.

Job application Brush-up

How do I actually apply for a job? What does a convincing CV actually look like? How do I recommend myself in a cover letter? Or even more general: How do I even find interesting job vacancies?

In 5 Modules you will learn what is needed to be successful in your job search.

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Advice for your CV

The reason you didn’t get called in for an interview isn’t soley due to an incomplete CV. In just a few seconds, it is decided which resumes have a chance and which ones will be immediately discarded. What is then actually important is to know the tips and tricks for writing an interesting and attractive CV.

Re-entry into the Professional World

This course is specifically geared towards immigrants who have a degree from their homeland and would like to enter the professional world in Switzerland. Women who have taken a break from their career but would now like to start working again are also targeted for this course.

Knowing the obstacles which one has to overcome when re-entering the professional world, this course points out several requirements in order to work in Switzerland. Furthermore, this course gives students the knowledge, capability, and guidance needed to bounce back into their career path.

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